Trooper Bash

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Annie of @bloodhoundNdots, our intrepid organizer for
 Trooper Bash thought you all might enjoy some hospital food!

Please enjoy, and help Trooper and the other pups at
Furever Dachshund Rescue
 if you can.
You can donate here

Well of course one of the first things they do to you in a hospital is take your temperature! Our thermometers are Bacon! and Nip flavored!!

Of course, if you burn your paws while BBQing, you might just end up at the hospital!
Our "Burnt Finger BBQ" is a nice Tenderloin of Beef wrapped in Bacon! and BBQ'd to perfection!
If you only singe your paws, we have these wonderful Bacon! and Egg scented bandages you can use!
Available at our First Aid station!
These Bacon! Flower Bouquets would make a great gift if you are going to visit a friend! Better get two though, I'm sure one will be DOA!!

These really aren't left over from surgery!!
 But our little Nip and Bacon! Beer Eyeballs are really tasty!! Comes in a two pack, or by the dozen!
"Dem bones, dem bones those dry bones!"
 I promise ours are not dry! Comes in assorted flavors with Nip and Bacon! Beer dipping sauce!
Our Hospital Hoagy!
Very tasty with Salami, Ham, Corned Beef, Cappicola, Bacon!, and two different cheeses. Better share though, eating a whole one might make you comatose!!
The Heart Attack! Our fried Bacon! Donuts

 If you visit our maternity floor you might just catch a glimpse of our special Pupcakes! Available in singles, twins, and litters!
On the second maternity floor you will find our adorably Purrfect Kitcakes! Both Pupcakes and Kitcakes come in the flavors of your choice! Adopt a few!

These are just tasty Chocolate Bacon! Pudding cups, but remember to take good care of yourselves!
Of course we have some Tasty Drinks!

For those in need of a lifesaver! Our Bacontini or Sardinetini IVs! (but you'd better be careful, or you gonna need those Tombstone Cookies!!)

The Ambulance Ride!!
Bacon! Beer in a Bacon! Mug?

Naturally we have Bacon! Cheese Toast to go with that!
Here's our Code Blue Meowgaritas! Tasty!!

For those of you watching their weight and trying to be healthy...Our Diet Bacon! Coke

You'd better take your medicine, unless you'd rather have one of these shots! In Niptini, Meowgarita, and Doguiri flavors!
Always a favorite of our younger anipals!  Hank's Bacon! Root Beer.

 Our Specimen Cup!
 Mint Gummy Bears in a tasty Meowjito Jello shot!
They do say an apple a day keeps the doctor away! Our very tasty Appletini! (hope it works!)
Need your tonsils out? This should help you recover! Our Bailey's Ice Cream Grasshopper

For all of those working the nightshift!
 Our tasty Coffee is always fresh!

Or, how about a nice cup of Hot Cocoa? Also available with Bailey's or Irish Cream!
And Cappuccino with Nip, or Chocolate Bacon! flavors!
The Tranfusion! Cinnamon Schnapps and 151 Rum! Guaranteed to bring you back to life!
We hope you have enjoyed the Trooper Bash Hospital Cafeteria.
If you can please donate to help Trooper!

Thanks for coming!

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